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Wild Honey

Encounters with the Divine

is out of print but a few copies are  still available 

from the author  (please contact)

and from Amazon.com

Wild Honey is a collection of poems about divinity, nature and the human spirit: 

"For Joseph Bottone everything is relationship, and his poems point ultimately to one relationship, our relationship with the divine and the silence in which we discover it." (Stewart S. Warren, author.)

Like a fresh and original psalm, this book is about seeing with the inner eye. Inside you will find a poet's correspondence with nature and the gospel of oneness while exploring the inner meaning of the soul of things. You will gradually discover Joseph Bottone's poetry is taking you to places you might never have entered on your own. These luminous poems were borne out of solitude, gestating from days to years. Here man confronts himself and his relationship with the divine power as it manifests through nature. These poems are a feast and a sacrament of emotional fulfillment through the poetic word as it was in the beginning of time.